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The introduction of my highly successful 5C’s system of painting analysis offering you fast improvement in your paintings of any subject in any medium. The 5C’s system is now the basis for all my teaching and coaching. An example of the 5C’s in action is used to illustrate the system. 

5C’'s system 

Coaching painters on a one-to-one basis is new and innovative way for you to learn directly from me how to quickly develop your painting skills and style. 


The Virtual Studio is an online space where you can interact with me through my new online coaching programme

The Virtual Studio

The Virtual Studio will also feature occasional painting projects for you to work on with me providing some tips on how to tackle the subject. The current painting project uses watercolour and gouache on tinted paper in the style of Turner and Brabazon.

 Painting Project

My three styles of painting in watercolour are highlighted on a new Painting Styles page with examples of each type of painting. 

Painting Styles

The Virtual Gallery features paintings in each of the three styles with a new Impressionistic Line and Wash page that clearly shows the two stages – line and wash – for each painting.

The Virtual Gallery also adopts a new classification system for ‘landscape’ painting which I have developed to more accurately describe the kinds of paintings I paint. An article will be published later this year in Leisure Painter explaining the rationale for the new classification system.

Virtual Gallery



Robert was one of 20 artists selected by the BBC to paint The Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant on 3 June 2012 from the Millennium Bridge.  

His three paintings of the event are shown here together with his views about this special day:


I approached the day of the Thames pageant with excitement and apprehension about capturing the vast panorama of a thousand boats. 


Easels were set up at the Tate Modern end of the of the Millennium Bridge 

at noon in challenging conditions - a strong, cold wind, leaden skies and damp conditions but, from a painter's perspective, very atmospheric. Half the painters were facing upstream towards Blackfriars Bridge whilst the other half, including me, were facing downstream towards Southwark Bridge.


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You can now purchase your copy of the Impressionistic Line & Wash DVD, a selection of Roberts original paintings or a copy of his NEW book - 


'5 C's of Painting'  




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