My original watercolour coaching programme typically consists of a minimum of five two-hour meetings between you and your coach. Further sessions may be arranged if required.


The structure of the first session will depend on whether you have painted before or are new to painting.

If you have painting experience then you will be asked to bring a selection of your paintings to the first meeting which will be analyzed to identify areas for skill development using my unique 5 Cís painting system (see Leisure Painter February to June 2007)  which guarantees that anyone can learn to paint or enhance their existing painting skills.

If you are new to painting then I will set you a painting exercise which you will complete in the first session.

Your skill development areas will be prioritized and a detailed plan for subsequent coaching sessions agreed between you and your coach. This plan is flexible depending on your development.

As coach, I will show you, through a painting demonstration, the skills that you need to work on and we will practice these skills together during the coaching session.

You will be set a painting task to complete by the next coaching session which will help you develop your skill in a defined area of painting related to your skill development programme.

A timescale for further sessions will be agreed between us to suit your other commitments. It is expected the minimum period between sessions will be one week and the maximum one month.

Each of these sessions will begin with a constructive critique  of your task from the last session and a review of problems and successes you encountered. I will suggest how further improvements can be made in developing your skills in this area. You may wish to spend more time on acquiring a particular skill and the coaching programme can be adjusted to accommodate this.

The next planned phase of your skill development will then be discussed and you will work with the coach on a painting exercise focusing on a particular skill.

You will be set a skill development painting task to complete for the next session on each occasion.

The final session will review your progress and suggest a long term personal painting skill development programme.

All coaching sessions will normally take place at my studio in north Buckinghamshire.