I have led numerous workshops for painting groups. Half-day or one-day workshops provide opportunities for intense and structured learning.

Workshops are based around my unique 5Cs of painting.

A typical workshop will include a number of demonstrations and participants will work on structured exercises and paintings. There will be plenty of one-to-one tuition and quick demonstrations to illustrate key points. If weather permits we shall paint outside; in addition, we will use photographs and sketches as a basis for finished paintings and participants are encouraged to bring their own photographs for use as reference.

Computer images of my paintings may be used to illustrate key points.

 By the end of a workshop participants will be producing freer, fresher paintings on site and be able to turn photographs (e.g. holidays) and sketches into dramatic paintings that sell.

Contact Robert for details of current costs and availability or telephone 01908 551 844.





I have presented numerous demonstrations to art groups and general audiences (Rotary dinners, for example). A demonstration usually takes two hours. Firstly, I will talk through my philosophy and style of painting. For art groups a discussion of materials and techniques will be included. I will then produce a complete painting with an entertaining narrative on the painting process and decisions taken at various stages. An opportunity to ask questions and offer comments will conclude the demonstration. Humour and entertainment with light learning are key features of demonstrations.

Here is the photograph I used in a recent demonstration to the Maulden Art Group and two stages of the painting produced from the photograph.


High Street, Lincoln

Lincoln Line drawing


Lincoln Completed painting


The Chairman of Maulden Art Group kindly sent me this letter after the demonstration.