What is watercolour coaching?

Coaching in watercolour painting will be conducted on a one-to-one basis in which I, as your coach, will help you to develop your painting skills through a series of planned activities. I will identify where you can develop new painting skills or improve your existing skills and will work with you to achieve these new skills.

The advantage of coaching over painting courses is that teaching is tailored specifically to areas of skill development which you need, not some set of generic skills. Your watercolour skill development will be significantly accelerated. You will probably learn more in a single coaching session than you would in a week-long painting course. None of your time is wasted.

This is a coaching programme in watercolour landscape painting.

How does the Online Coaching Programme work?

The online coaching programme will consist of a minimum of five interactive online sessions between you and me, where images of paintings, exercises and comments will be exchanged via the internet. Further sessions may be arranged if required.

A half-hour of telephone consultation is built into the programme fee if you would like to discuss your progress or any other issues with me.

What will I need?

You will need a digital camera to photograph your work and access to a computer programme to allow you to transfer images from your camera. You may find a camera tripod useful to avoid camera shake. You will also need an email account to enable you to send photographs of your work to me via the internet as Jpeg images.

The online coaching programme has the advantage that anyone anywhere in the world can take a masterclass in watercolour painting with me.

What will happen at the first session?

Firstly Id like to know about you Ill ask you to send me a brief biography including where you live and whether you work and if so what your job is and what your other interests are. You can tell me as little or as much as you wish but Id like to get to know you if we are going to work together.

The structure of the first session will depend on whether you have painted before or are new to painting.

If you are new to painting then I will set you a painting exercise which you will complete in the first session.

If you have painting experience Id especially like to know when, how and why you started painting. You will be asked to send a selection of images of your paintings and/or drawings for the first session which I will analyse to identify areas for skill development using my unique 5 Cs painting system*. I will send you a written appraisal of your work and I will show you, through a stage-by-stage painting demonstration or by illustration using my own finished paintings, the skills that you need to work on.

Your skill development areas will be prioritized and a detailed plan for subsequent coaching sessions agreed between us. This plan is flexible depending on your development.

You will be sent a painting task to complete by the next coaching session which will help you develop your skill in a defined area of painting related to your skill development programme.

A timescale for further sessions will be agreed between us to suit your other commitments. It is expected the minimum period between sessions will be one week and the maximum one month but this is flexible you can work at any speed which suits you. However, the five sessions must be completed within one calendar year of starting the programme.

*You will be sent a copy of the 5Cs information pack explaining the system as part of your second session if you decide to continue with the programme.

What happens next?

If you decide to continue working with me there will be a minimum of four further sessions. Each of these sessions will begin with a constructive critique from me of your task from the last session and a review of problems and successes you encountered. I will suggest how further improvements can be made in developing your skills in this area. You may wish to spend more time on acquiring a particular skill and the coaching programme can be adjusted to accommodate this.

The next planned phase of your skill development will then be discussed and you will be set a skill development painting task to complete for the next session on each occasion.

What happens after Ive finished the programme?

The final session will review your progress and I will suggest a long term personal painting development programme.

You may wish to continue to receive painting coaching from me immediately or at some later date and we will agree a fee to cover this continuing tuition.

How much does it cost?

The fee for the complete five sessions of The Online Coaching Programme is normally 250.

As a special offer the fee will be 50 for the first session, to be sent to me via PayPal or some other means before the first session. If you decide to continue with a further four sessions the first session will be free and you will a pay a further 150 at the beginning of the second session, making a total of 200 for the complete programme.  

You can now purchase your Online Coaching Programme by visiting our Online Shop

So, come and join me in the Virtual Studio and lets get started!