If you want to accelerate your development as a painter, get yourself a painting coach.

In business, the professions and the public sector the value of having a personal coach is now seen as vital for career development. The role of the coach has always been recognised in sport and fitness training. But in the art field there is no such role recognised.


So, what is a coach?

A coach will assess your individual requirements and work with you on a skill development programme tailored to the needs of each individual.

I am a watercolour painting coach who specialises in landscape painting or Outdoor Realism  -you can see examples of my work in the Virtual Gallery.

Coaching in watercolour painting is ideally conducted on a one-to-one basis but a small group of three maximum may want to share the experience and the costs. The coach will help you to develop your painting skills through a series of planned activities and will identify where you could develop new painting skills and will work with you to achieve these new skills.

Whilst painting courses and painting holidays can be very helpful and instructive and even good fun, the tutor has to address the needs of the group as a whole. From my experience of running painting courses and holidays there will be a range of painting abilities in any group, from novice to experienced painters, which the painting programme has to address. By definition, some aspects of the programme will not be relevant or useful to you. Individual tuition does take place but is limited because of the demands on the tutorís time of other course members. It is also usually the tutor who decides the programme content, based on their approach to painting, which may or may not suit your painting style.

The advantages of coaching over painting courses are:

  • teaching is tailored specifically to areas of skill development which you need, not some set of generic skills.

  • your watercolour skill development will be significantly accelerated. You will probably learn more in a single coaching session than you would in a week-long painting course.

  • none of your time is wasted.

  • my 5Cís painting system is not a style of painting but an analytical tool that makes learning easy and fun by providing a structure for incremental development of your painting skills and style. See Robert Newcombe's 5C's and the 5C's in Action .

Although Iím primarily a watercolour artist the 5Cís is a generic system which enables me to offer advice to painters in any medium on how to dramatically improve your paintings if you have technical competence in your chosen medium*.      

*If you just want the structured analysis of your work in any medium which the 5Cís offers the first session may be enough to set you on a course to better paintings.  

You can take my coaching programme in three ways:

  • The Coaching Programme
  • The One-Day Coaching Programme
  • The Online Coaching Programme

All three programmes are based on my unique 5Cís painting system.  

What does a coaching programme cost?

Surprisingly, the coaching programme I offer costs less than a typical one-week painting holiday abroad but is tailored to your painting level and skill development needs to ensure accelerated learning. Up to three people can share the costs. Each will experience accelerated learning in watercolour painting.