The Virtual Gallery features paintings in each of the three styles I use. To view any of these simply click on the appropriate button below:




Impressionistic Line and Wash  clearly shows the two stages – line and wash – for each painting.


Impressionistic Gouache  showing paintings done in this opaque medium.


The Impressionistic Watercolour pages adopt a new classification system for ‘landscape’ painting   which  I have developed to more accurately describe the kinds of paintings I paint - click on the headings below to view examples of the various styles.

  • Landscapes – to include all open country panoramas. In these paintings fields, trees, rivers, hills and mountains would dominate with farm buildings perhaps indicating a human presence in the shaping of the landscape.


  • Waterscapes – to include river, sea, harbour and coastal scenes where water and boats are the centre of interest.


  • Urbanscapes – villages, towns and city scenes where busy or quiet streets, cars, buses and outdoor café living is the subject of the painting. With increased travel to the Mediterranean countries outdoor activities in town and city centres are becoming more popular as the focus of paintings.


  • Peoplescapes – where the centre of interest is people at work and leisure. So craftsmen of any sort - welders, bricklayers, carpenters, farmers etc. – at work would be prime subjects as would holiday makers on a beach or tourists exploring places of interest.


  • Airscapes – paintings of aeroplanes, hot-air balloons, gliders and microlights etc. would be the subject of these paintings. There are a number of aviation art societies already and it is seen as a speciality area for enthusiasts.

Another genre could be Sportscapes – paintings of football, cricket, horse racing and any other sport. With sport dominating international media coverage there is ample material for paintings at sporting events. The forthcoming Olympics could provide subject matter for a whole exhibition. It’s an genre that I’m keen to add to my painting repertoire.